Edward Norton Gets In Fight With Amateur Photographer

Maybe the first rule of "Fight Club" should be to just try to ignore invasive New York City photographers.

Edward Norton got into a scuffle with an amateur paparazzo, who invaded his space on April 23, reports the New York Post.

The altercation occurred after a man named Alain Becerra-Calderon started following the 43-year-old actor and tried to film him with his cellphone camera. According to TMZ, Becerra-Calderon, who also goes by the name Alain Bin Naim and Aladino, repeatedly asked Norton, "People say you look like me. Is that true?" while sticking the phone in the actor's face to record his response.

The "Fight Club" actor didn't appreciate being bothered and reportedly replied, “Why are you stalking me" before getting so fed up that he shoved the camera out of his face. According to the Post, Norton's swat "sent the guy to the hospital to whine about a sore finger."

Becerra-Calderon "went to the hospital claiming hand pain... It was classified as harassment," a police spokesman told E! News.

The case has already been closed because there were no witnesses to the alleged incident, but could still be pursued in civil court.

When reached for comment, Becerra-Calderon told the Post the exchange was “very, very scary” and said Norton “needs to learn to control his temper."



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