04/25/2013 04:43 pm ET

Lost Wedding Ring: Son Searching For Deceased Mother's Ring (VIDEO)

Before Kansas woman Vicki Weller died last Sunday, she had one request for her son, Dane. She asked him to make sure her oldest granddaughter received her wedding ring.

The big problem? Dane says that ring has gone missing. He told local Kansas news station KSN Tuesday that Vicki's finger was too swollen for him to take it off at the hospital, but a nurse told him that the ring would stay with Vicki until the Cremation Society of Kansas received her body; then, the ring would be returned to Dane.

But Dane said the inventory taken by the hospital after his mother died didn't list any rings, and the Cremation Society only returned clothing.

Dane, who said Vicki was his biggest supporter after he suffered a spinal cord injury a few years ago, has filed a police report and is asking for anyone with information to come forward.

“Doesn’t mean anything to you. It means everything to our family. Would you please put it somewhere and let somebody find it. It’s just wrong what you did,” Dane said.

Watch the video above for more.

When wedding rings go missing, it can take years for them to be returned to their rightful owners. Earlier this year, one woman found her wedding ring in a bag of soda can pull tabs 11 years after losing it, and in 2012 a metal detection hobbyist found a woman's ring she had lost in her backyard 17 years earlier.

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