04/25/2013 04:26 pm ET

Suspicious Package Turns Out To Be Full Of Sausages

What a bunch of wieners.

A mysterious package that prompted a bomb squad investigation in Lemon Grove, Calif. Wednesday wound up being full of sausages, Lemon Grove Patch reported.

Someone noticed the package at the door of the U.S. Navy recruitment office at around 8:40 a.m. and notified the San Diego County Sheriff's Department, according to UTS San Diego.

It was a letter attached to the box that aroused concern, according to 10 News. The letter was addressed "to the military," but detective John Rutledge wouldn't tell the station exactly what it said.

Officials evacuated the building and at around 9:20, the sheriff's bomb-arson and a hazmat team were called to the scene.

They found that the package contained soy chorizo sausages, along with a few cups of salt and a letter. Rutledge called the package a "hoax device" that was definitely left near the office on purpose.

He also said the sheriff's department is taking the incident seriously.