04/27/2013 02:08 pm ET Updated Apr 27, 2013

Bill Maher Compares Anthony Weiner, Mark Sanford: Why Does Jesus Only Forgive Republicans? (VIDEO)

Bill Maher had a field day when former Congressman Anthony Weiner's "private" photos hit the web, and now that Weiner's considering a run for Mayor of New York City, he's asking: why is redemption so much easier for Republicans than Democrats?

On Friday night's "Real Time," Maher compared Weiner's uncertain political future to that of former South Carolina Governor Mark Sanford. He argued that if Sanford can be forgiven for having "week-long international f**k fiestas," then Manhattan intellectuals should be able to forgive Weiner for "basically masturbating online."

Watch the "New Rules" segment above to hear Maher's thoughts on Christian Republicans (who often love a good redemption story) being more likely to offer a politician a "Jesus Mulligan," and how, in the age of zero privacy, "the d*ck pic is the new business card."

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