05/02/2013 04:31 pm ET Updated May 03, 2013

Dogs Dying: Cinema's Most Heartbreaking Cliche (VIDEO)

Between Lil Bub, Grumpy Cat and that dog who picks up the phone, the internet is a place for animals. We love to laugh, cry and laugh until we cry with them.

Movies are much the same. Of course, tear-jerkers like "The Notebook" get the best of us, but humans seem especially prone to feeling the death of a dog. Maybe we shed a gallon of tears when pets die because it's an experience most people have had. It's easier to relate to holding your arthritic labrador on the metal veterinarian table as he drifts away than witnessing your brother take a shank to the gut. Whatever the reason is, dog deaths in film knocks us all down to feeble, trembling fools.

So, as an ode to the relentless grief movies like "Marley & Me" cause, here is a mashup of "Dog Deaths In Film." Watch above for the video.

Films used in mashup:
"My Dog Skip"
"Marley & Me"
"Turner And Hooch"
"I Am Legend"
"Old Yeller"
"Where The Red Fern Grows"