04/29/2013 09:56 am ET Updated Apr 29, 2013

'The Good Wife' Season 5: Civil War, Alicia Vs. Will And More


Change is coming to "The Good Wife" Season 5.

Note: Do not read on if you have not yet seen "The Good Wife" Season 4 finale.

With two words -- "I'm in" -- Alicia (Julianna Margulies) changed the course of "The Good Wife." Season 5 will see Alicia join Cary (Matt Czuchry) and leave Lockhart/Gardner to start their own law firm. Robert King, "The Good Wife" co-creator and executive producer, told The Daily Beast that the upcoming season will be "civil war in the firm."

"Every year up until now, we've had some kind of outside force. This year, it's going to be an inside force that's the problem, and that's going to play out as not needing as many guest stars to create tension, because most of the tension is going to be created by our characters within the firm," he said. "Usually, it's a little bit of PR bulls*** when you say, 'Oh, next year will be the year when everything explodes.' Well, it's not really PR bulls*** for us to say that. This can't end happily for them. Once Alicia says I'm in' to Cary, all the characters are going to be at each other's throats. You know what I'm most excited about? I think Matt Czuchry probably has not been as well served by our show as his talents deserve. Next year, obviously you're going to see Matt more at the center of what's going on."

Czuchry told TV Guide that Season 5 will essentially be Cary and Alicia starting over with the new venture and taking great risks. Both characters will have to balance winning cases with the business and managerial aspects, tasks they didn't have to do at Lockhart/Gardner. "So them having to do that for the first time and having to do it together is going to be fun to explore at the beginning of Season 5," he said.

Joining Cary wasn't the only choice Alicia made in "The Good Wife" Season 4 finale. After agreeing to renew her vows to Peter, Alicia and Will briefly kissed and discussed their unrequited love/lust. King told TVLine that that decision also affected her decision to leave the firm.

“She’s leaving Lockhart/Gardner because she needs to create distance between herself and Will,” King said. “She knows the kiss has opened a door and the only way to close it is to get away from him.”

Before the finale aired, Margulies told The Huffington Post she's interested in the exploring the Will (Josh Charles)/Alicia relationship. "What I love about the Will and Alicia relationship is that it has not been fully explored in that, except for sexually, you have not really seen what really draws them to each other, except that it was this past that they had together that they never indulged on," she said. "When they did, it was a torrid affair that shouldn't have happened because it was all too complicated. I'd love to see what it is about that relationship. You can't just leave the stone unturned. It has to be unturned at some point. We always have our year-end meeting with the idea of how we're going to get into the next season. The next 15 episodes of the next season are mapped out quite well. I can't go into it because I think Season 5 may be more exciting than any of the seasons we've seen."

Charles told TVLine that because Alicia is no longer under Will -- at the firm -- the relationship could still be explored further down the line, despite her apparent desire to remain faithful to Peter (Chris Noth).

“There are a lot of reasons why these two probably shouldn’t be together, and one of the big reasons is he’s her boss,” Charles said. “And you take that element out of it and ... while I don’t think it necessarily means they’re going to immediately end up together or anything, it takes out one obstacle.”

However, Season 5 will see Alicia and Will going head-to-head, something we've never seen before (except in the mock trial in "Red Team/Blue Team").

“It’s going to be interesting to see them be competitors,” Charles said. “I think it’s going to bring out a lot of great conflict, both for the show and those two characters.”

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