04/29/2013 06:34 pm ET

Wedding Music Video: Bridesmaid's Awesome Tribute To Bride And Groom (VIDEO)

Bridesmaid and radio host Sarah Hunter had a very creative idea for a toast at her best friend's wedding -- she filmed a music video celebrating the couple!

With the help of bride Becky VanDyke's friends and family, Hunter created a music video to Florida Georgia Line's "Cruise," but she put her own twist on the country song. She changed the lyrics to reflect VanDyke and her groom, Adam Gabany, and filmed herself and VanDyke's friends singing along. Watch the sweet, goofy video above.

Hunter told HuffPost Weddings that she and VanDyke have been friends for their entire lives, and she thought the video would be an epic send-off for the bride and groom.

"The common thing I heard after asking people to sing on camera was, 'I wouldn't do this for anyone but them' and I totally believed them," Hunter said. "The bride cried, I cried, everyone cried. Totally worth not sleeping for three nights!"

You don't have to be a pro singer to give a great wedding toast. Blogger Sandy Malone shared her tips in this blog post.

To see more epic wedding videos, click through the slideshow below.

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