05/01/2013 09:33 am ET

18th Century Cooking: A Different Take On Cheesecake (VIDEO)

We can't think of anything more entertaining than taking a cooking lesson from Jas Townshend. It's not that Townshend has a witty sense of humor, or that we necessarily find 18th century cooking all that interesting. It's more that Townshend, the creator of the cooking video series 18th Century Cooking, looks like he just walked out of a Dutch painting. He has made sure that everything in his cooking show is historically accurate, down to his hat (which we can't get enough of).

Not only does Townshend dress the part, he also cooks the part. With a collection of recipes from the 18th century, Townshends lets you taste what it was like to live centuries ago. If there's one thing we took away from his video series is that the cheesecake was very different, and a lot healthier. Watch the video above to see what we mean.

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