05/01/2013 03:04 pm ET

Chad 'Ochocinco' Johnson Takes Homeless Man Named 'Porkchop' Out In Miami, Tweets Adventures (Explicit Language)

Notorious tweeter and ex-NFL star Chad “Ochocinco” Johnson has found a way to put his 140 characters to good use.

When a homeless man named “Porkchop” approached the former NFL player in Miami over the weekend asking for a beer, Johnson decided to go all out. He took the homeless man on a two-day bender, got him a makeover and finally, struck up an actual friendship.

Note: This post contains language that some readers may find objectionable.

Johnson chronicled their adventures together on Twitter, saying he was inspired by the Kardashians. We’re assuming it was the episode when Kourtney and Kim shaved a homeless guy’s beard and bought him dentures. Hey, whatever gets him to help out others is cool.

They shopped.

Then, they hit the town. Hard.

But as the night wore on, Johnson started hatching a more sustainable plan for his struggling buddy.

And though day two looked a lot like day one, lots of drinking and hanging out, Johnson resolved again to help Porkchop get on his feet.

Johnson even stepped in when someone allegedly stole the new duds he had bought his pal.

It's something he plans on doing for a very, very long time.

Keep the sweet tweets coming, @ochocinco.

Hat tip: Mashable.



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