05/01/2013 08:45 am ET

'Don't Be Tardy...': Kroy Gets Wrapped Up, Starts Talking About Twinkies And Breast Milk (VIDEO)

Things got a little weird on "Don't Be Tardy..." when Kim Zolciak convinced her husband, Kroy Biermann, to get wrapped in a body wrap. She does them to lose weight and promised her husband they would give him energy. She knew he would do it because she said there's nothing he wouldn't do for her.

But the wrap may have done something to Kroy, as the Atlanta Falcons defensive end started acting a little strange while wrapped up. I’m really enjoying this bed. It’s like being wrapped in a Twinkie," he said. "A Twinkie is soft and creamy. Like breast milk, it’s delicious as well.”

This inspired Kim to say that she would freeze a couple bottles of breast milk for him if the Falcons go to the Super Bowl. "Take a shot before the game," Kroy said. "You’re gonna see like an eight-sack game. ‘Mr. Biermann, what’d you do?’ Took a shot of my wife’s breast milk.”

Kim gave birth to the couple's second son in August, and while Kroy didn't make it to the Super Bowl in 2013, there's always 2014. By then, Hostess Twinkies will even be back on the shelves, so he can opt for the tasty snack rather than Kim's breast milk.

Hopefully, Kim's show can avoid getting shut down the way Hostess was. Ratings are down for this second season. Still, fans can catch her and Kroy doing all kinds of crazy things every Tuesday on "Don't Be Tardy..." at 9:30 p.m. ET on Bravo.

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