05/01/2013 07:03 pm ET Updated May 01, 2013

Hillary Clinton Movie Director Choice, James Ponsoldt, Draws Criticism


"Rodham" -- the eagerly-awaited movie about Hillary Clinton's life -- has a director, The Wrap reported this week, but not everyone is thrilled with the choice.

James Ponsoldt, who directed "Smashed" and "The Spectacular Now," is reportedly taking the helm. In many ways, he's a solid choice. He has solid credentials and, if his past successes are anything to go by, a knack for finding just the right actress for a part. But according to at least one blogger, there's an attribute the job calls for that Ponsoldt doesn't have: he's not female.

In a response to the announcement, Melissa Silverstein of Women in Hollywood wrote:

Hiring a guy to direct the movie about the woman who is working her ass off to put more women in leadership positions around the world [is] a gigantic slap to everyone working on gender equity issues. Hiring a woman for this film would make a statement -- a really good statement -- that yes, a woman can direct the movie about the early years of the most powerful woman in the world.

Last month, HuffPost Women reported that only five percent of directors in Hollywood are women.

What do you think? Should "Rodham" be directed by a woman? What would Hillary think?



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