05/01/2013 11:59 am ET

Relationship Advice: Iyanla Vanzant Says 'A Marriage Is Destroyed From The Inside' (VIDEO)

Have you ever felt like an outside force is interfering with your marriage? This is exactly what Sasha the Diva, a popular radio personality from Georgia, says she has been experiencing with her relationship. Though she feels she has a strong marriage, Sasha has been caught in between her 17-year-old son, Dominique, and her husband of two years, Kevin. With the two men frequently clashing, Sasha has been at her wit's end trying to keep the peace -- but it hasn't been working. Now, not only are Dominique and Kevin at odds, but Kevin and Sasha are experiencing marriage troubles as well.

In this clip from "Iyanla: Fix My Life," Iyanla Vanzant sits down with Sasha to dig deep into the state of her marriage and uncover the root of her relationship troubles. Sasha's perspective is that her son's interference is the single factor that is destroying her marriage.

"Other than Dom... Kevin and I are good," Sasha tells Iyanla in the clip. "It's Dom."

Iyanla strongly disagrees. "It's really sad to me that you believe that," she says to a surprised Sasha.

"We have a good relationship over here [away from Dominique]," Sasha insists.

"That is an impossibility," Iyanla tells her flatly. "There is no way that you and Kevin have a good, solid relationship other than your son. You know why? Nothing destroys a marriage from the outside. A marriage is destroyed from the inside out."

While Sasha considers this, Iyanla continues. "No marriage is destroyed from the outside in," she repeats. "So there's something missing, misaligned [or] disturbed inside the marriage. That's being shown here now."

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