05/02/2013 05:10 am ET Updated May 02, 2013

'Arrow': Oliver Discovers The Truth About His Mother's Involvement With Merlyn (VIDEO)

After almost an entire season of denial, Oliver finally got undeniable proof that his mother was every bit as bad as Diggle had suspected she was on "Arrow." After he and Felicity went on the trail of Walter, they got what they thought was confirmation that Walter was dead, and so Oliver told his family that he was gone.

This spurred his mother to go and confront Merlyn in a rage. She thought they had a deal that would keep Walter alive. Oliver was listening in to this conversation, thanks to a bugged arrow, and couldn't believe what he was hearing. Not only was Walter alive, but his mother was working with Merlyn on something that would surely spell bad news for Merlyn.

Not only did he have to admit Diggle had been right about his mother, he needed to man up and apologize for leaving his closest ally in the lurch recently. Abandoning Diggle in his time of need had forced his one-time partner to quit, but this week saw Oliver reach out to Diggle again.

"You were right, and I was wrong," he said. "About everything. About my mother, about her involvement in the Undertaking." ScreenCrush was happy to see the duo patch their differences up so quickly, rather than drag it out for no reason.

The Wall Street Journall dubbed this the episode fans have been waiting for. "Oliver now knows who the bad guys are and that Merlyn is behind everything. He also knows his mom is at the center of it as well. With just a couple episodes left in the season, we are now racing to the finish!"

That finish is only two weeks away as "Arrow" cruises toward its Season 1 finale, Wednesdays at 8 p.m. ET on The CW.

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