05/02/2013 06:05 pm ET Updated Dec 06, 2017

Jennifer Lawrence Goes Bare-Faced At 'The Great Gatsby' Premiere, Looks Absolutely Flawless (PHOTO)

Jennifer Lawrence, you lovable goon, you never cease to amaze us.

Big movie stars, especially Oscar-winning ones, tend to get dolled up for red carpets and movie premieres. And yet, the 22-year-old actress showed up to "The Great Gatsby" premiere In New York City Wednesday night with what appears to be a bare face. That's right -- Lawrence chose to go with minimal-to-no makeup, cameras and flashes be damned.

To no one's surprise, she looked absolutely stunning.

Also in attendance at the premiere were "Gatsby" stars Leonardo DiCaprio and Carey Mulligan, as well as Jay-Z (who scored the movie's soundtrack), Martha Stewart, Anna Wintour and Nina Dobrev, who recently returned from her all-girls getaway in Miami.

Lawrence was spotted earlier this week across the country, dining with her ex Nicholas Hoult in Los Angeles. No word as of yet on whether he accompanied her to the fancy event as well.


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No Makeup, Still Gorgeous!