05/02/2013 08:31 am ET

'My Crazy Obsession': Man Eats Bugs (VIDEO)

If shrimp and lobster are "bugs" of the ocean, and people eat those all the time, why not eat the bugs of the land as well? That was Dave Gracer's logic on "My Crazy Obsession." He feels that people have a double-standard when it comes with bugs and the fact that they get grossed out at the thought of eating them. Dave has no such fear, and has been eating bugs for more than a decade.

He buys bugs for eating and then freezes them, saying that this is a more humane way to kill them because they just fall asleep and die. He's probably eaten more than 5,000 bugs, including several different types of cockroaches. He keeps a stock of more than 12,000 insects in his basement freezer.

But he's not just eating the typical garden variety insects. Dave is a connoisseur of insects as food -- he's even sampled scorpions. During filming of the episode, he wanted to go even more exotic, though. He purchased a giant Vietnamese cetipede -- the only species of centiped to have ever killed a human -- and had a chef prepare it for him at a restaurant.

"It is a little bitter, and earthy," Dave admitted. "it’s not my favorite bug." He dug into the legs though and was pleased because "There’s so much more muscle tissue.”

His daughter, Sonia, had a much simpler critique. "I feel like I was about to throw up," she said.

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