05/02/2013 02:21 pm ET Updated May 03, 2013

Puppies Chewing On Shoes May Be The Best 10 Seconds Of Your Day (VIDEO)

Fact of life #1: Puppies chew on things.

Fact of life #2: They're darn cute when they do.

Four adorable puppies are seen chewing on the laces of their owner's shoes in this short video, looking that kind of happy only baby animals can look -- scroll ahead to the 30-second mark for the best bit.

The video was uploaded to YouTube by user Keith Hopkin in February, who said in the comments that he's since found homes for all of them. Hopkin wrote that the dogs are white German Shepherds and part of a litter of 11 born late last year.

Puppies can be a wonderful addition to any family, but there are thousands of senior dogs that need a home as well. The ASPCA says older dogs are easier to train and faster to settle in than some of their younger counterparts. Check out Petfinder.com and click the senior tab if you're looking for a wise, older pal of your own.