05/02/2013 08:17 am ET Updated May 06, 2013

'The Office' Series Finale: A Reunion, Wedding And More (PHOTOS)

"The Office" series finale will feature a few TV trademarks, but not all of them are from scripted comedies.

The New York Times revealed "The Office's" last episode will feature the characters at a reunion, like reality shows feature. The reunion will see the characters discuss how their lives have changed since their documentary aired on the local Scranton PBS.

"The Office" executive producer Greg Daniels told the Times he approached "Survivor" host Jeff Probst about the staged "Office" reunion.

The special one-hour "Office" series finale will also feature a wedding and surprise guests. NBC's official episode description: "Months after the airing of the documentary, the workers of Dunder Mifflin, past and present, gather for a wedding and a final round of interviews. Mysteries are solved, hatchets are buried, pranks are prunked."

Click through the slideshow below to see photos from "The Office" finale.

"The Office" series finale airs Thursday, May 16 at 9 p.m. ET on NBC.

The Office Season 9 Photos