05/03/2013 09:40 am ET Updated May 03, 2013

Drudge Report Fooled By Fake Story About Bloomberg Being Denied Pizza

The Drudge Report was fooled by a fake story about Mayor Bloomberg being denied pizza on Friday morning.

The website picked up a piece by the Daily Currant which said that Bloomberg "was denied a second slice of pizza" at a Brooklyn restaurant in retaliation for his soda ban. The Daily Currant, however, is a satirical website.

The Drudge Report splashed a photo of Bloomberg eating a slice of pizza with the headline "No Pizza For You!" before taking it down moments later.

The site isn't the first to be fooled by "The Daily Currant." The Currant's fake report about Paul Krugman going bankrupt was picked up by Breitbart. Its version of events had the Nobel Prize-winning econominst racking up bills on his American Express black card at Tiffany's, and buying rare Portuguese wines and 19th century English cloth.

A blog for the Washington Post also reported a Currant story about Sarah Palin joining Al Jazeera as true in February.

As the Atlantic Wire pointed out, there were plenty of dubious details in the Currant's piece about Bloomberg. The story, for example, had Bloomberg holding an informal budget meeting in a pizzeria and calling the pizzeria owner a "jackass."

(h/t Atlantic Wire)



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