05/03/2013 11:13 am ET Updated Feb 02, 2016

National Gay And Lesbian Athlete Hall Of Fame Launches In Chicago

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On the heels of Jason Collins making headlines for coming out in a Sports Illustrated editorial and Brittney Griner publicly addressing her sexuality, a national gay and lesbian athlete hall of fame has been established in Chicago.

According to the Chicago Tribune, the nonprofit National Gay & Lesbian Sports Hall of Fame is for gay athletes and allies and will begin accepting nominees this summer.

Although the organization comes out of Chicago, it's going to be national. Executive Director and Board Chairman Bill Gubrud said the goal is to recognize people and organizations that have attempted to combat stereotypes and have embraced gay and lesbian athletes.

"We're not just going to honor gay athletes, but other athletes who helped those gay athletes along and provided a safe haven," Gubrud said, as quoted by the Tribune.

The organization will honor nominees from youth leagues to professional. Athletes, both living and deceased, can be nominated here.

Gubrud, a gay die-hard Chicago Cubs fan hopes to debunk the myth that gay people don't enjoy sports, as noted by CNS News. The induction ceremony will take place Aug. 2 in Chicago at the Center on Halsted.



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