05/03/2013 05:20 pm ET Updated May 03, 2013

Paul Shirley Says Religious NBA Players Cheat On Their Wives (VIDEO)

It comes as no surprise that many sports stars have been caught cheating on their wives -- think Kobe Bryant and Tiger Woods.

But what's somewhat surprising is how many religious athletes cheat.

On a HuffPost Live segment Thursday, former NBA player Paul Shirley told host Marc Lamont Hill that he ran into several religious basketball players who were guilty of infidelity.

"I was always amazed by how many mega religous guys I ran into [in the NBA], and then the next surprise was how often they cheated on their wives or did something that I would consider -- as a person who was raised in a Methodist home -- to be pretty much going against the teachings of anything Christian," Shirley said.

Watch the segment above for more on Shirley's take (and the full segment on HuffPost Live), then click through the slideshow below for eight of the nastiest athlete splits.

Nastiest Athlete Divorces

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