05/03/2013 04:09 pm ET Updated Dec 06, 2017

PETA's Graphic Animal Sex Ad Encourages Vegan Diet (NSFW VIDEO)

PETA is known for its eyebrow-raising advertising campaigns, some of which have featured celebrities in the buff. A new ad from PETA Europe also uses sex to make a point about animal rights. But it's not about stripping -- it's about getting it on ... animal-style.

The video below depicts a lot of animals getting frisky. And why exactly? A tagline at the end, er, drives the point home: "Vegans have a bigger sexual appetite. Do it like they do. Go vegan."

This is part of an ongoing PETA Europe campaign -- last year the group debuted another in-your-face example of some serious sexual appetites, but of the human variety rather than animal.

So does going vegan increase your sex drive? Slate tackled the topic of vegetarianism and the bedroom a few years ago, and, well, results are mixed. What seems clear, though, is that if you are eating healthy and feeling good, you'll have more energy -- which could translate into bedroom prowess.




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