05/03/2013 03:04 pm ET Updated Dec 06, 2017

Tamara Ecclestone & Megan Fox: Separated At Birth? (PHOTOS)

Although she's a tabloid fixture in the U.K., few Americans know about Tamara Ecclestone, the British billionaire heiress and daughter of Formula One boss Bernie Ecclestone.

But we've noticed her recently, not because she's done anything particularly newsworthy (well, besides the Playboy cover) but rather because we think she's got an American celebrity twin: Megan Fox.

Here is Tamara spotted in London on Thursday night...

tamara ecclestone megan fox

... and here's Megan Fox.

tamara ecclestone megan fox

Tamara has a deeper spray tan, for sure...

tamara ecclestone megan fox

... but there's no question that she and Megan Fox could qualify for a separated-at-birth, "It Takes Two" plot line.

tamara ecclestone megan fox

Agree? Disagree? Think we're seeing things?

It's uncanny...

Celebrity Dopplegangers

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