05/03/2013 02:12 pm ET

Vera Wang: ‘Don’t Disguise Yourself,’ Brides - The Cut


Last month, the fashion designer sent models accessorized with black leather opera gloves down the runway for her fall bridal collection ("all about sculpture and architecture," she says now) and also launched a new addition to her growing family of perfumes, Bejeweled. The blend of pomegranate, Champagne, floral, and passionfruit notes were chosen for their vibrant, effervescent scent. "It’s meant to be something that girls use when they’re getting ready to go out," Wang explains. "When I’m really exhausted and I have to go to a dinner straight from the office, I just put a touch of fragrance on, and it makes me feel more ready for the night." Recently, she caught up with the Cut to discuss her latest projects, red dresses as a "new neutral," and what traditions the modern bride should give the boot.