05/06/2013 02:25 pm ET

Becky Quick Hit By Bird Poop Right Before Air (VIDEO)

Well, this was unfortunate.

CNBC host Becky Quick was about to go live from Omaha with an interview featuring Warren Buffett when a bird defecated on her.

"I just want to tell you about the hazards of working here. We are in a big hanger, there are a lot of birds. One pooped on my head 10 seconds before we came back to air," she lamented. She tilted her head down towards the camera to reveal some bird poop sitting on the crown of her head.

Quick seemed to take the icky experience in stride and continued with the segment. She's not the only TV host to exercise such professionalism in a feces-related bind. Earlier this year, Al Roker revealed that he once pooped his pants at the White House while he was walking to the press room. Roker said that he beelined for the press room bathroom, threw out his soiled underwear and went commando.

(h/t TVNewser)



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