Brenda Heist, Runaway Pennsylvania Mother, Back In Jail In Florida (VIDEO)

On Friday Brenda Heist, 54, was arrested for an out-of-county warrant under her alias Kelsie Lyanna Smith, 10 News reports. Watch the video above.

Smith was just one of her aliases as she lived in secret after hitchhiking to Florida over a decade ago.

Her car was found and none of her personal belongings were missing. Heist was eventually declared legally dead, while her ex-husband and children observed her birthdays and anniversaries in remembrance.

She was later released and had been living with a brother in North Florida.

And despite Heist's claims that she was homeless and panhandled during her 11-year absence, people are coming forward to paint a different picture of Heist's life, which allegedly included employment, cars, and stolen identities.

"I hope that it opens everyone's eyes to realize that no matter how much you feel so sorry for someone, stay with your first instinct," said one Tampa Bay area woman who hired Heist to live and work in her home as a housekeeper.

Meanwhile Heist's daughter, now 19, is angry with her mother.

"I ached every birthday, every Christmas," Morgan Heist said. "My heart just ached. I wasn't mad at her. I wanted her to be there because I thought something had happened to her. I wish I had never cried."