05/06/2013 07:09 am ET

'My Big Fat American Gypsy Wedding' Finale: Girls Seek Potential Husbands At A Valentines Dance (VIDEO)

On the season finale of "My Big Fat American Gypsy Wedding," four single young girls were hoping to meet up with their potential husbands at the Romanichal Valentine's Ball in Nashville.

Brandy is hoping to meet a guy there that's she's been talking to secretly on the phone. "I’ve been talking to him for like two months," she said. "You talk to somebody that long and it means marriage."

Chelsea was hoping to defy her strict grandmother by meeting up with a guy she'd only met on Facebook a couple nights ago. Teenager Priscilla, meanwhile, is battling "jealous rumors that are threatening her reputation," according to Channel Guide Magazine. She was hoping her 28-year-old fourth cousin Harry would propose to her.

Heather is taking a different approach to the whole event. At 18-years old, she's still in high school and actually considering going to college. She's using the event to see if she wants to pursue higher education, or settle down with a husband.

In the end, 15-year-old Priscilla got that proposal, while both Heather and Brandy got their families' blessings to continue seeing different guys.

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