05/06/2013 02:18 pm ET Updated May 06, 2013

Homeless Man With Dancing Mustache Receives $3000 After Viral Video (VIDEO)

In March, the video of a homeless man with a dancing mustache went viral and helped launch a group of Youtube pranksters into Internet fame. This month, they're giving back to the man who's talent made over a million people smile.

The three boys behind the YouTube channel 'Whatever' had just finished filming a prank when they met Clydesdale, the man who could make his mustache boogie. They filmed and uploaded his dancing 'stache to their secondary Youtube channel where it has been viewed nearly 1.8 million times.

Since then, their Internet presence has grown to over 100,000 subscribers. To pay back the man who kickstarted their success, the boys set up a crowd-funding project with the goal of raising $1,000 for Clydesdale.

By the end of April, they had received more than $2,600 in donations. They pitched an additional $400 to bring the total to $3,000.

In a more recent video, the boys pay Clydesdale a visit and a make his day with the money they raised and some limited edition 'Whatever' merchandise including a t-shirt tribute to his talent.

In March, a boy magician gave another homeless man a wonderful surprise when he turned some coffee into coins.



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