05/08/2013 02:38 pm ET Updated May 09, 2013

Jodi Arias Verdict: Jury Reaches Decision In Murder Trial

After four days of deliberations, the jury tasked with reaching a verdict for alleged murderer Jodi Arias has reached a decision.

The eight-man, four-woman panel listened to four months of testimony and final arguments surrounding the stabbing death of 30-year-old Travis Alexander. If convicted, Arias faces the possibility of the death penalty.

The verdict is expected to be read at 4:30 p.m., Eastern Time.

This is a developing story. Check back for updates.

05/08/2013 5:40 PM EDT

Aggravation Hearing Tomorrow

Arias aggravation hearing will begin tomorrow at 4 p.m. Eastern Standard Time, HuffPost's David Lohr reports.

05/08/2013 5:35 PM EDT

Alexander Family Plans To File Suit

The family of Travis Alexander says they plan on filing a civil wrongful death suit against Arias, HuffPost's David Lohr reports.

05/08/2013 5:34 PM EDT

An Alexander Supporter Outside The Courthouse

alexander supporter

05/08/2013 5:31 PM EDT

Travis Alexander's Family Releases Statement


05/08/2013 5:23 PM EDT

VIDEO: Jodi Arias Found Guilty On First-Degree Murder Charge

05/08/2013 5:18 PM EDT

Is Arias "The Worst Of The Worst"?

@ danabrams :

I don't believe #JodiArias should get the death penalty. This case does not represent "worst of the worst."

05/08/2013 5:13 PM EDT

Cheers Outside The Courthouse

@ Bob_Ortega :

Huge cheer went up outside the courthouse as the guilty verdict in the #JodiArias trial was announced.

05/08/2013 5:10 PM EDT

Arias Hears The Verdict

@ VinniePolitan :

#JodiArias at the moment she was found GUILTY of 1st Degree Murder

05/08/2013 5:08 PM EDT

Samantha Alexander Reacts

@ trialwatcherja :

PHOTO Samantha Alexander overwhelmed as #JodiArias is found guilty of M1 #Justice4Travis

05/08/2013 5:03 PM EDT

The Jurors' Votes

HuffPost's David Lohr reported that 5 jurors voted Arias was guilty of premeditated murder, and 7 voted she was guilty of premeditated felony murder.



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