05/06/2013 08:38 am ET Updated May 08, 2013

Kate Middleton's Purses Setting Off Clutch Trend (PHOTOS)

Kate Middleton has brought nude pumps, long-sleeve wedding dresses, sapphire engagement rings and beige panty hose into vogue. Why not do the same for teeny tiny purses?

Lulu Guinness, a British handbag designer who knows a thing or two about purses, told the Telegraph that Kate's small clutch bags are inspiring a new trend. "Personally, I am making my clutch bags smaller next season, so they’re more delicate and ladylike, and that’s to do with her, I think," Guinness said.

The Duchess of Cambridge does have a penchant for small purses, some of them no bigger than an iPhone 5. They were omnipresent on her royal tour of Canada and the U.S., and since getting pregnant she always seems to be holding one right over her growing bump.

The small bags (if you can call them that) are likely more about comfort and style than function. As Guinness notes, "She’s very elegant, but she’s also got people carrying the other things she needs, and a big car waiting for her." Preach. It's not as if she's carrying around lozenges, fountain pens, reading glasses and lipstick around like her grandmother-in-law, Queen Elizabeth.

If anything, we bet there's just gum, a Blackberry and some nude lipgloss in that clutch. That's probably about it.

Read more at Are you a fan of the mini-purse or are clutches only useful for princesses?

Kate Middleton's Tiny Purses

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