05/06/2013 12:45 pm ET

3-Year-Old 'Little Priest' Samuel Jaramillo Faithfully Recites Daily Mass At Home In Colombia (VIDEO)

Sitting through church can be difficult for a little kid, but 3-year-old Samuel Jaramillo is not your typical toddler. The Colombian boy not only enjoys mass but conducts his own daily service in his living room -- practice for the day when he hopes to become a priest.

Recently, the Colombian news network RCN Noticias interviewed the boy after his family posted a YouTube video of the “pequeño sacerdote” (little priest) conducting mass at home. Despite not being able to read or write just yet, Samuel memorized and faithfully recites the prayers, blessings, and Holy Communion exactly as the local priest does during church service in his native Medellín. (Check Out The Video Above In Spanish)

“It’s not something we’ve pushed upon him and it’s not as if we’re avid churchgoers.” Samuel’s aunt Elizabeth Rojas Arango told Colombia’s Rumba radio.

Other kids his age may dream of becoming policemen, firefighters or doctors but Samuel assured RCN reporters that what he truly wants to be when he grows up is a priest. In fact, last Christmas instead of asking for toys the boy’s grandmother said all he put on his wish list was clergy robes and the supplies needed to perform the holy sacraments.

Samuel currently lives with his grandmother after losing both of his parents two years ago, and while his dreams of priesthoods may be far off in the future he does hope to, one day soon, meet Pope Francis.



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