05/06/2013 06:11 am ET Updated May 06, 2013

'Revenge': Shocking Death And Surprise Pregnancy (VIDEO)

So why was Charlotte acting out more than usual -- and making the tabloids -- with her new friend this week on "Revenge"? It turns out she's been struggling with a secret. She spilled the beans to her brother, Daniel, after a tumultuous few days for the whole family.

Charlotte's pregnant. It was a reveal that surprised Buddy TV, but they thought maybe it would make her a relevant character again. For Wetpaint, though, it apparently painted a picture they weren't ready to see. They wrote, "Sorry, we’ll be spending the next few months trying to wipe images of Declan Porter dock sex from our brains."

As for the news iteslf, it's the kind of news the Graysons are probably going to want to keep secret, unlike several other bombshells this week. Victoria actually came clean to the press about abandoning her firstborn son to go to an art school in France, while Daniel wanted to reach out to the media to announce his engagement to Emily. Who did he choose?

"Hey, contact HuffPo," he said. "Will you get an engagement announcement on the homepage?”

Nolan managed to out his hacker rival, Falcon, and revealed her true identity to the world -- landing her a cushy spot in jail. From there, though, she pointed out that The Initiative has a stake in seeing her released. And by episode's end, it seemed she might be about to get her wish. Was The Initiative behind the city-wide blackout?

The final shock of the hour came when Aiden killed Takeda, the man who had mentored both him and Emily on their paths of revenge. How will his death impact Emily, and how will finding out it was Aiden who killed him impact their relationship?

Next week is the big "Revenge" season finale, Sunday at 9 p.m. ET on ABC.

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