05/06/2013 03:25 pm ET Updated Dec 06, 2017

Sarah Palin NRA Convention Shirt Proclaims 'Women Hunt' In Pink


From earplugs to keyboards to Bic pens, companies seem to think that anything can be "womanized" by making it pink.

The latest example comes courtesy of Sarah Palin's wardrobe at the NRA convention in Houston on Friday. Palin addressed the crowd wearing a t-shirt manufactured by UnderArmour proclaiming, "Women Hunt" in pink lettering.

If you're looking to emulate Sarah, you can get your very own "Women Hunt" shirt at Dick's Sporting Goods (the black shirt is also available in hot pink and purple).

The question the shirt raises, of course, is whether making gun-related products pink is effective at selling women on guns. A number of companies have gotten on this bandwagon recently -- the NRA convention featured his and her assault rifles and a pink bra with a gun holster. The website Pink Gun allows you to "personalize" your weapon.

Does this marketing strategy actually make women feel like guns are designed with their needs in mind? Does it make them feel like guns contribute to their femininity or sex appeal? Does it make guns seem less threatening? What do you think?

LOOK: Sarah Palin Wears 'Women Hunt' T-Shirt

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