05/06/2013 07:26 am ET

'The Mentalist' Finale: Red John Suspects Narrowed Down To Seven, But He's Got The Same List (VIDEO)

The list of candidates for Red John was narrowed to seven on the season finale of "The Mentalist." Patrick had come up with the list, but he wasn't alone. Red John, always inside his head and often a few steps ahead of him, predicted the list. He'd had Lorelie read the names on a video before he killed her, getting it exactly right before Patrick had even come up with it.

“See, that’s clever. But fair’s fair, Patrick. You’ve changed the game, so there’s new rules now," Lorelei said for Red John. "I’m going to start killing again, often. Until you catch me, or I catch you.” She also said that she was going to die because Patrick once shook Red John's hand -- another tantalizing clue.

The seven names both of them came up with are Gale Bertram, Ray Haffner, Bob Kirkland, Sheriff Thomas McAllister, Brett Partridge, Reede Smith and Bret Stiles.

TV Fanatic was a little skeptical of how Red John could have possibly known Patrick's list -- especially so long before Patrick made it -- but believe it only confirms that he'll go to any length to mess with Patrick.

Entertainment Weekly'sDenise Warner says it's going to be a long summer of speculation for fans, with her money on Brett Partridge. “His voice fits Red John’s eerily high pitched tones, he hates Jane, and I read a theory about it being him way back in season 1,” she wrote.

How about some side bets on how long it will take before "The Mentalist" reveals the answer. Will anyone remember their guess?

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