05/07/2013 11:59 am ET Updated Jul 07, 2013

Colbert Mocks Right-Wing Conspiracy Theory That Government Is Buying Up Bullets (VIDEO)

Have you heard that the government is buying up billions of bullets in bulk so that when the feds inevitably go to war with the American citizenry, we'll be totally unarmed? If so, you're probably listening to a bit too much right-wing talk radio espousing this theory, which was popularized after the whackadoodle NRA convention in Texas.

The likes of Rush Limbaugh, Alex Jones and Mark Levin have convinced Sen. James Inhofe (R-OK) to introduce a bill that would force federal agencies to limit their ammunition purchases -- even though Fox News has debunked the conspiracy theory (the Department of Homeland Security simply buys ammunition in bulk to save money on bullets used for training).

Watch Colbert's new segment, "Stephen Colbert's Batshit Serious," as he both indulges and lampoons the controversy in the video above.



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