05/07/2013 10:47 am ET

Elton Kim Rides 2 Miles On Car Hood To Stop Hit-And-Run Driver (VIDEO)

Elton Kim went the distance to protect his wife. Two miles to be exact ... on the hood of a car.

Kim, a dry cleaner in Roswell, Ga., put his life at risk a few weeks ago after a woman backed into his wife’s SUV in the parking lot outside his store.

“I said ‘Stop it’ three times,” he told WSB-TV. “Then, I go to the front of the car.”

The woman chose to accelerate her car and Kim jumped on the hood. Then the woman drove down a road with Kim still on the hood.

“He could have been really hurt had he slipped off,” Kim's wife, Theresa, told the station. “I don’t think she intentionally wanted to hurt him, but for some reason she never stopped to say she was sorry.”

A video of Mr. Kim's wild ride shows him being driven down the busy road as he pleads to the man recording the incident to call the police, the Metro reported.

Kim eventually jumped off at a red light, but the driver fled the scene in the car, the Associated Press reported.

Roswell police believe they have a suspect, but investigators are showing witnesses her picture in hopes of making a positive ID, according to the Daily Mail.



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