Jamie Frecks Falls From Party Bus Emergency Door On Kansas Highway, Dies

A bachelorette party turned tragic Saturday after a 26-year-old mom was killed when she fell from a party bus on a busy Kansas highway.

Jamie Frecks, of Missouri, was out celebrating with friends when the emergency doors of the bus flew open, sending her onto the Kansas City highway. NBC News reports that she was struck by at least three cars and died at the scene.

Cynthia Matteson, her aunt, said Frecks was a new mom and that Saturday was one of her first nights out without her 5-week-old girl. Matteson wants to know exactly what happened on the bus.

"Why wasn't [the door] secure?" she said to KSHB. "A person hires a person for safety; to get you there and back home. Why wasn't she brought back home safe?"

A witness in one of the cars that struck Frecks said she was horrified.

"We had cars on the right and the left hand side. There was nothing we could do. We hit her," Jeanette Hernandez told Fox 4.

The company that owns the bus, Midnight Express, is reportedly in good standing with the state. Eddy Goetz, one of the bus company's owners, prepared a statement for KSHB on Monday:

"On behalf of the owners and employees of Midnight Express party bus, we want to express our sincere sympathy for the family and friends touched by Saturday night’s tragic accident that took the life of Jamie Frecks. We are trying to find out how the tragic accident could have happened. We will cooperate fully with everyone to find out the cause of this accident."

Police are still investigating the incident. They're also looking to question two of three drivers who struck Frecks but drove away.