05/07/2013 09:43 am ET Updated Feb 02, 2016

Pat Robertson: Gays Can Change, Just Like Rapists, Thieves And Murderers

In what could very well be this week's least-surprising news, conservative evangelist Pat Robertson compared gay people to murderers, rapists and thieves in his latest rant.

Sounding off on news that former Ecuadorian presidential candidate Nelson Zavala was banned from political activity after making a series of controversial comments about the gay community, Robertson noted, "That man's freedom of speech is being taken away ... the power of God can change people's orientation."

He then added, "A murderer can change, a rapist can change, a thief can change. That's what the Gospel is all about," Right Wing Watch first reported.

As the BBC pointed out, Zavala said that gay people can be "cured," and suffered from "severe deviation of conduct."

Earlier this year, Robertson responded to news that the Boy Scouts of America was re-considering its ban on gay participants before wondering aloud if an amendment to the controversial policy would open the door to "predators" and "pedophiles."



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