05/08/2013 05:09 am ET

'Awkward': Ricky's Spirit Says That Someone Killed Him Via Ouija To Sadie And Tamara (VIDEO)

There may be a mystery brewing under the surface on this season of "Awkward." Ricky's death happened during the show's break -- and during summer vacation for the cast -- but it came back in a big way in an otherwise throwaway scene between Sadie and Tamara. The two were arguing, as they usually do, when they decided to channel Ricky via a Ouija board.

At first, they were just arguing over inane things, and it seemed pretty clear one or the other girl was likely controlling it to prove their point. But then they started getting answers they didn't want to hear. And then, abruptly, Sadie asked Ricky's spirit if his death was an accident.

The answer revealed was "No." Tamara asked, "Did someone kill you?" This time, the answer was, "Yes."

Lissa, who was spending the night at Sadie's as well, flipped the board and ran off. A few moments later, she opened up cryptically to Jake a little about what she'd done over the summer. This left The AV Club thinking she may be connected to Ricky's death.

"I could get on board with that, as well as the idea of Sadie being a real witch," said Andy Swift of Hollywood Life. "I think we all probably suspected the latter, anyway." Is "Awkward" going to start getting supernatural?

Probably not, but it may get a little darker. Tune in to "Awkward" on Tuesdays at 10 p.m. ET on MTV to see if they solve the mystery, or even if there is one.

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