05/08/2013 04:53 pm ET

Billboard Marriage Proposal: Man Celebrates 10th Anniversary With Same Billboard He Used To Propose (VIDEO)

Eleven years ago, a San Diego man proposed to his girlfriend on a giant billboard. Last month, he decided to wish her a happy 10th anniversary -- on the exact same billboard.

Robert Zakar told local news station KGTV Tuesday that after proposing to his now-wife using a 48-foot billboard that said "Valerie Kassab, will you marry me," he kept the billboard in his garage. As their 10th anniversary approached, Zakar began thinking about how he could celebrate, and he remembered the billboard.

"I figured, why not? I did it 10, 11 years ago. Let me do it again," Zakar said. "It kept her around for 10 years."

It so happened that the original billboard space was available from April 29 to May 26 -- just in time for their anniversary on May 25. So he had his proposal billboard put up, and added a banner in the corner that reads, "Happy 10th anniversary!"

Watch the video above for more on Zakar's anniversary surprise.

Though "happy anniversary" billboards aren't very common, billboards have been used to propose dozens of times before, popping up everywhere from New York to Minnesota to Texas. For those with a more artistic eye, why not propose on a custom-painted mural? One English man recently commissioned a four-paneled mural in east London that read, "Will you marry me?"

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