05/08/2013 02:27 pm ET

Goat Thinks It's A Chicken: Quick, Someone Autotune It (VIDEO)

So all you haters out there need to get over the fact that this goat identifies as a chicken and deserves the support of its farmyard in its choice to identify and be accepted as a chicken on the Internet.

And since by stating that there's a de facto safe space created for this goat -- whose name has been witheld for privacy reasons -- to identify and be accepted as not an oddity but in fact one of a member of a repressed and underserved community of goats who lean chicken on the barnyard spectrum, then perhaps maybe we can you know speak truth and move towards a "Post-Species Society."

But so also the first person to autotune this goat with a passable beat wins. Since you know, autotune is like a step in media cycle and standard protocol for everything that's popular on the Internet.

(Drops mic)



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