05/08/2013 06:38 pm ET Updated May 09, 2013

'Incredible Hulk' Attack On Teen Girl In UK [UPDATE]

North Yorkshire Police

She might have his anger, but she's no superhero. A green-painted woman dressed up as the Incredible Hulk allegedly beat up a teenaged girl in York, U.K.

The incident happened outside a McDonald's in the early hours of April 26, the BBC reports. The suspect, caught chatting on a cell phone by a surveillance camera, is described by police as a white woman in her late teens to early 20s.

The video shows her wearing a torn T-shirt -- a nod to the Marvel Comics character's tattered attire when he flies into a rage. The footage also shows the woman sporting dyed-red hair, though the Hulk is not traditionally depicted with red hair.

The 17-year-old victim sustained bruises on her face and a black eye, per the International Business Times.

Cheryl Hunter, of the York police, told outlets the assault seemed "wholly unprovoked."

As noted by the Daily Mail, the attack happened outside a McDonald's store that recently had its 24-hour operating license revoked due to violence in the area.

Stateside, at least one "superhero" has committed a crime in a McDonald's. In 2010, a man in a Batman costume robbed a Golden Arches in Belmont, Calif., making off with an undisclosed amount of loot. Oddly, to complete his ensemble he wore vampire teeth.

UPDATE: A 19-year-old woman confessed to the "Incredible Hulk" assault, police in York announced Thursday. The attacker received a "Community Resolution Disposal." That means the victim has a say in the punishment, which can range from an apology to a financial settlement, according to the police website.



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