05/08/2013 06:16 am ET

'The Little Couple': Bill And Jen Have Opportunity To Adopt A Second Child (VIDEO)

A happy surprise for Bill and Jen this week on "The Little Couple." They were still working on the adoption of their son Will when they got an email from the Little People of America association. There was a baby up for adoption in India, and she was theirs if they wanted to.

Despite the fact they were about to bring Will into their lives, there was virtually no hesitation. They wanted to add this second child as well.

“Definitely this is gonna be a lot of change really fast, but how fortunate is it for us to have found two kids, both little people, who are in need of a loving home and for us to have an opportunity to provide that," Jen said.

They quickly went into overdrive, now prepping the home and designing rooms for both their new son and their new daughter, who they plan on naming Zoey.

The couple told People magazine that they welcomed Will into their home a little over a month ago, and have finally finalized Zoey's adoption. They were clearly playing it coy recently when they told Katie Couric, on her talk show, that they were just thinking about a second adoption, saving the big reveal for their show.

See their family grow on "The Little Couple," Tuesdays at 10 p.m. ET on TLC.

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