05/08/2013 09:23 am ET Updated Dec 06, 2017

Solange's Suit Showcases A Surprisingly Practical Bra (PHOTOS)

Solange Knowles has fast become our favorite power-clasher and sartorial risk-taker. On Tuesday, the R&B singer combined two dissonant elements in signature form: a power suit and a visible bra. Try that in the boardroom.

Solange chose a cool striped suit in a boxy cut, paired with a tailored white shirt and pinstriped sunnies. But when she turned to the side, we saw that her blazer had open vents at the sides, revealing a wide swath of her practical bra.

We're intrigued by the notorious pattern-mixer's decision to match her clothes... and to showcase such a subdued bra, when we're used to celebs flashing racier lingerie. We're also stumped by the structural challenges that this suit must impose: Is Solange's shirt actually a shirt if it totally exposes what's underneath?

That certainly is one way to avoid sweat stains in the humid spring months. What do you think of Solange's strange suit?


solange bra

solange bra

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