05/10/2013 12:19 pm ET

'Girls' Deleted Scene: Hannah And Marnie Discuss Which Guys They Attract

"You think I'm not pretty enough for a pretty person job."

"I'm just saying I don't think you have the appropriate disposition for this job, that's all."

As it aired in the second episode "Girls" season 2, this scene between Hannah, the show's main character played by Lena Dunham, and Marnie, her once bestie played by Allison Williams, ends a few seconds after this exchange, with Hannah saying she in fact has a "terrific disposition" and that lots of different types of men like her.

In the uncut footage above, posted on Access Hollywood in anticipation of the August 13 release of the full second season of "Girls" on DVD, we get to watch how the conversation actually played out.

You can see why "Girls" creator/producer/director/star Lena Dunham and her editors cut the scene when they did. Ending it on the topic of Hannah's disposition captures Marnie at her most disingenuous and confused, which was basically her character's m.o. this season. In a twist on the cliche reassurance, "But you have a great personality!" Marnie denies that there is a certain look expected of people in hostessing jobs (which, unfortunately, is probably true) and instead claims Hannah has the looks but not the personality.

The part that didn't make it into the show is a brief discussion of which types of men are attracted to Hannah and which to Marnie. It's worth watching because it drives home Hannah's seemingly indomitable confidence, which we see so rarely in any female character, especially one who looks like Lena Dunham and not like Allison Williams. In naming the varieties of dudes she thinks are into her, Hannah mentions "probably a lot of 40-year-olds who look at me but don't say hi because they're intimidated" and "introverts, who wouldn't tell me they liked me but are feeling it very intensely." It's hard to tell if Hannah entirely believes this, but her sense that an older man would be intimidated showcases the self-esteem that nothing short of mental illness could shake.

Watch the clip above to catch the rest of the list of alleged Hannah suitors and which guys Hannah thinks Marnie attracts.



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