05/09/2013 05:26 am ET Updated May 09, 2013

'Survivor: Caramoan': The 'Loved Ones' Challenge Offers Cruel Twist, Leads To Big Blindside (VIDEO)

With only six remaining on "Survivor: Caramoan" before the season finale this Sunday, the big question was whether or not to do another blindside, or go with the logical vote of taking out Eddie. A part of the so-called "three amigos," Eddie was the last remaining member of the group that tried to dismantle "Stealth-R-Us." And yet, the majority alliance continued to be more concerned with taking out their own threats.

Clearly looking at the endgame, Brenda started thinking about taking out Cochran at the same time that Cochran started thinking about voting out Brenda. The reward challenge was the inevitably emotional "loved ones" challenge, that saw tear-filled reunions for all of the castaways. But Jeff Probst played perhaps his cruelest trick yet, and it may have sealed Brenda's fate.

After winning the challenge, Brenda was given the chance to invite one more contestant -- and his/her loved one -- along to the barbecue reward. She chose a tear-filled Dawn. But then came the twist. There were second loved ones on the island for everyone. Brenda could keep the reward for herself and Dawn, or give it to the other four. She opted to give it away, which nearly crushed Dawn's spirit completely.

Did she do it for strategic reasons, or just to be kind, or a bit of both? Regardless, it put up a huge red flag for Cochran, who had little difficulty in securing enough votes to blindside Brenda out of the game. To say she was shocked is an understatement. She was emotionally hurt and may have cried the hardest we've ever seen during her exit interview.

Buddy TV called it a huge blindside, and felt bad for Brenda, calling everyone who voted her out a "d*ck." Entertainment Weekly's Dalton Ross had no sympathy, though. "I have said it before and I will say it again. NEVER WIN THE LOVED ONES CHALLENGE! All it does is lead to problems," he wrote. You either piss people off that you do not select to join you on the reward — who will then vote you off or not give you their vote at the final Tribal — or you sacrifice your own loved ones visit so that others can enjoy theirs, which makes you too likable to bring to the end."

Five remain to battle for the million this Sunday at 8 p.m. ET on CBS, followed by the reunion special at 10 p.m. ET.

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