05/10/2013 11:24 am ET

O Miami Poetry Festival Releases Short Film About Dying (VIDEO)

Throughout April you may have seen the words "I will die in _____ in the sun" throughout the city.

It was the sort of tagline of this year's O Miami Poetry Festival, a semi-annual month-long poetry event with the mission to make sure every Miamian encounters a poem in April.

The line comes from the 1968 poem, "Variations on a Text by Vallejo," by Donald Justice, an accomplished poet who grew up in Florida and attended the University of Miami.

His poem is a spin off Cesar Vallejo's famous sonnet "Piedra negra sobre una piedra blanca.' Here's the first stanza:

I will die in Miami in the sun,

On a day when the sun is very bright,

A day like the days I remember, a day like other days,

A day that nobody knows or remembers yet,

And the sun will be bright then on the dark glasses of strangers

And in the eyes of a few friends from my childhood

And of the surviving cousins by the graveside,

While the diggers, standing apart, in the still shade of the palms,

Rest on their shovels, and smoke,

Speaking in Spanish softly, out of respect.

As part of the 2013 O Miami Poetry Festival, the Mayer/Leyva duo of the Borscht Film crew created a short video capturing select Miamians' own interpretation of the phrase "I will die in Miami in the sun."

Hear from artists like Augustine Woodgate and Adler Guerier, filmmaker Julian Yuri Rodriguez, poets Campbell McGrath and Tom Healy, comedian Jessica Gross, and O Miami organizer P. Scott Cunningham on how they envision the end to their mortality.

Watch the video above for their morbid yet fascinating deaths that involve BBQs, space travel, foul play, and a very specific poison found underwater.



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