05/10/2013 09:24 am ET Updated Feb 02, 2016

So, Your Acclaimed Web Series About Gay Life Is Over -- Now What?

via Vimeo/The Atlantic

Finally, there's a moment of calm. No one is spilling drinks on the set. The worrying out loud about the car that just got towed has abated. And the cameraman's Fisherman's Friend lozenges are keeping his coughing at bay. Even with a crew of about a dozen people in this Brooklyn Navy Yard loft, the room feels intimate. Enrico Wey and Adam Goldman sit close together on a red couch. Wey looks into Goldman's eyes, touches his hand lovingly, and says:

"I dated a guy for a minute who asked me to spit on him during sex. Like, right in his face... Right at the moment of orgasm, he would Kate-Winslet-in-Titanic onto my face."

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