05/10/2013 05:26 am ET Updated May 10, 2013

'The Office': Dwight Finally Proposes To Angela, Finds Out He's A Father (VIDEO)

Darryl got to say goodbye to the gang, even if he was trying to avoid it, on the penultimate episode of "The Office." But it was Dwight who continued to build up to a happy ending. Last week, he got the manager position he'd been wanting since the pilot nine years ago. This week, he got the girl.

It took a pep talk from Jim to convince him that it all comes down to love and that Dwight has always loved Angela. Of course he does, and she loves him, too. But they're both such complicated and dysfunctional people they've never been able to come together. But this is a new Dwight who's grown up and is willing to take a stand and just put it out there.

But first, he had to force her to pull over and yell at her through a bullhorn. "I love you," he told her. "And I don’t care that Phillip’s not my son. I will raise a hundred children with a hundred of your lovers if it means I can be with you.”

He then got on one knee and proposed. After saying yes, Angela had one more surprise for him. "Phillip is your son,” he told her. She wanted Dwight to choose her for her and not because she was mother to his son. said it must be true love, as Angela agreed to wear an engagement ring that had come out of Dwight's grandma's butt.

The episode ended with the premiere of the documentary. For next week's series finale, events jump forward six months to Dwight and Angela's wedding, which E! Online can't wait to see.

Tune in to "The Office" retrospective at 8 p.m. ET next Thursday followed by the 75-minute series finale at 9 p.m. ET on NBC.

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