05/10/2013 05:18 am ET

'Wipeout' Premiere: Contestant Freaks Out Returning Host Jill Wagner By Twisting His Leg (VIDEO)

It must be getting close to summer time as "Wipeout" is back for a new season on ABC. Everybody's favorite show where people get contorted and twisted into unnatural shapes while falling off the world's craziest obstacle course chases away the winter blues. But one contestant on this premiere didn't need the obstacle course to get twisted.

Greg Lozano impressed/freaked out returning co-host Jill Wagner by twisting his leg completely backwards. Sure, it's not necessarily a skill that would prove helpful on the course, but it was certainly a memorable way to start a new season. Greg didn't win the $50,000 prize, but he did advance all the way to the third round before the course claimed victory.

This season marks the return of Jill to the show. She was one of the original co-hosts, but left in 2011 to "pursue her acting career." Her return meant fans had to say goodbye to her temporary replacement, Vanessa Lachey.

The new season of "Wipeout" -- it's sixth! -- continues with a special episode next Tuesday night at 8 p.m. ET, and then on its regular night of Thursdays at 8 p.m. ET on ABC.

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