05/11/2013 09:58 am ET Updated May 13, 2013

Challenges Of Single Mothers: Iyanla Vanzant Shares Her Best Advice For Dealing With An Ex (VIDEO)

As a single mother herself, Iyanla Vanzant understands the struggles that come with being an only parent. From her personal account of raising a fatherless son to her experience in working with fractured families, Iyanla has learned a great deal about how to handle various parenting challenges and how to help other single moms on their own journeys through parenthood.

In this clip from an episode of "Oprah's Lifeclass" about single mothers, Iyanla shares her best advice for women raising children on their own -- especially when those women have a difficult ex-husband or ex-boyfriend as the child's father.

"Bite your tongue," Iyanla advises single mothers in the video, "particularly if you are not complete in your relationship with the father and you have so many negative thoughts and opinions."

A bitter break-up or divorce from an ex can certainly lend itself to negative experiences, but Iyanla warns single mothers not to burden their children with this type of information. "Talk about your negative experiences with the father, with your girlfriends. Not with your children," she says. "And bite your tongue when it comes to diminishing, denying, dismissing, name-calling."

Another important piece of advice? Mind your business, Iyanla says. "If the father has a relationship with the child and there are things you don't like -- he's got a girlfriend... he's living in his mama's basement -- [all that matters is] do you think your child is safe in his presence?" Iyanla poses. "As long as you know your child is safe, mind your business... about what you think he should or shouldn't be doing with the child. You don't have that right anymore."

For more on the challenges of single mothers, tune in to "Oprah's Lifeclass" on Sunday, May 12, at 9 p.m. ET on OWN.